Rayven Bain

“My name is Rayven Bain and I attend the prestigious Akhepran International Academy. My sponsors are Pink Freddie’s Catering and Lush Nails by Kush. I consider myself to be a well-rounded individual. I have excelled academically by passing numerous national exams and through being a member and holding several positions of various clubs at school. My life’s dream is to establish my very own Marketing Firm. Dr. Myles Munroe once said “The Greatest Tragedy in Life Is Not Death, But a Life Without a Purpose” thus my platform is “Discovering Life’s Purpose Through Passion”.

Dannisha Butler

My name is Dannisha Butler and I attend Mt. Carmel Preparatory Academy Bahamas. I am a member of several clubs at my school and a dancer in my church. I seek to become the first Obstetrician in my family and as a result I volunteer my time and services at Doctors Hospital whenever I can. My platform is” Combating Depression in Youth”. I am proudly sponsored by Bella’s Shades and Bahamar.

Asha Burns

My name is Asha Burns. A proud student of the Great C.R. Walker Senior High School. I’m the Vice President of Production for J.A Company BOB SPARKS, the President of the Credit Union Club and an active member of the Bahamas All-Star Marching Band. In Pursuit of Excellence I wish to become the best Dermatologist known in the country and the world. My platform is “Rising Above Poverty.” I am sponsored by Nails by Tasha, Bill Simmons Trucking Company, Monty’s Beauty Supply, Winkey’s Restaurant and Bar, Sicily and Gerard Rolle, family and friends.

Bernadette Burrows

Burnadett Burrows

I am Burnadett Burrows, a proud student of Westminster College Bahamas! As a peer tutor , I view myself as a confident and extremely smart young lady; that never neglects an opportunity for self-improvement. Thus, my platform focuses on providing our youth through after school programming, the skills they need to rise above their current situation in life a success. Likewise, I hope to emerge from this pageant experience a more polished young lady; capable of accomplishing my ultimate goal of opening my very own beauty salon and clothing boutique. I am proudly sponsored by Nail Fancy.

Blandicah Cadet

I am Blandicah Cadet, a student of the prestigious C. V. Bethel Senior High School. Excellence is what I strive for. Therefore, I am a consistent honor roll student and represented my school in various competitions. I am the president of the Nursing Club and a member of the Nursing Cadet, Student Christian Movement, the Science Club and the School’s Choir. Additionally, I am active in my church by being a member of various ministries. Through Christ that strengthens me, I will become a Pediatric Surgeon and later on open a non profit hospital for less fortunate kids. My sponsors are Universal Beauty, Hair Fetish, Rose Boutique, Nails by Toney, The Nail House, Shoe Creation and E&C Multimedia.

Aniqua Darville

“I have been graced with the opportunity of being a part of the St. Anne’s School family. I, Aniqua Darville consider myself to be well rounded in academics, athletics and civic clubs. I’m aspiring be an Interior Designer therefore, I continue to stay focused so as to realize this dream. My platform is “ Preserving Nature.” I am sponsored by Epicstylez.”

Ciera Davis

My name is Ciera Davis a scholar at the illustrious Aquinas College. I am a 6 year consecutive honor student and to compliment my aspirations of becoming a Marine Biologist I am a certified diver. I foresee myself as the future Minister of Agriculture and Marine Science which is why’ I uphold the esteemed platform of “Marine Conservation”.
Finally, I am pleased to say that I am fully and proudly sponsored by Debonairs Boutique along with my family and friends.”

Trashea Davis

“Excellence without Excuse”, is the motto in which I Trashea Davis live by. I am a proud scholar and scribe at Akhepran International Academy. A member of various organizations such as my church’s youth and dance ministry. I am also a winner of speech competitions, leadership and school awards in academics. My passion in life is to become a Psychologist and Entrepreneur. “Self Empowerment” is my platform. I wish to inspire the youth to be strong, bold, smart and to stay positive. I am sponsored by my family and friends.

Jessica Ferguson

I am Jessica Ferguson and I am happy to introduce myself as a student of Kingsway Christian Academy. I have achieved many successes including maintaining my position as one of the top students in my grade . My passion is helping those who are unable to help themselves, specifically those with special needs, thus my platform, “Bringing Awareness to Special Needs Children.” With the help of my sponsor DanBrad Ltd, my family and supporters I aspire to expand my platform and make a difference in my community and in my country.

Maquel Hall

Destined for greatness,
A visionary for sure,
Here to represent Jordan Prince Williams Baptist School of course,
A marvelous student of the Youth Empowerment Program,
An adventurous hiker of GGYA Bahamas,
And a young entrepreneur in Junior Achievement
Maquel Hall is my name and marketing is my game
My platform is “Fighting The Stigma of Depression”
My sponsors are AG Chemicals and Strictly Natural.

Rachea Knowles

I am Rachea Knowles! I attend the prestigious Leadership Academy, a small environment that focuses on me. My future goal is to become a Forensic Accountant. My favorite quote is “Be Proud of Who You Are and Not Ashamed of How Others See You.” Thus my platform is “Understanding Competence and Self Assurance.” My sponsors are the Seventeen Shop and ADM Lair.

Brenae Neely

“To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst”. This is a quote that I use to overcome challenges that I encounter in my everyday life. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brenae Neely, a proud student of the great Jordan Prince Williams Baptist School, home of the “Mighty Falcons”. I am currently a member of the Key Club Cooperation of The Bahamas. In the future I would like to earn my degree in law and become a defense attorney. My platform is “The Bully Behind The Screen” and I am sponsored by the Natural You Heritage Salon, Multimedia Technologies Ltd. and family and friends.

Chanteilia Roker

My name is Chanteilia Roker and I attend Mt. Carmel Preparatory Academy Bahamas. I consider myself to be a confident, hard working and dedicated young lady who perseveres to accomplish set goals. One of my academic achievements is being an honor roll student. Through the Nursing Cadet program and working around children I am inspired to pursue my studies as a Nurse in the area of Neonatal Intensive Care. My faith in God has allowed me to accomplish these goals and many more to come. I am proudly sponsored by my wonderful family.

Prinika Smith

Character, intelligence, strength and style; these qualities define beauty. My name is Prinika Smith and I am currently the Deputy Head Girl at the great C.C. Sweeting Senior High. I have obtained many national exam passes along with several academic achievements. I hold many executive positions in various clubs in and out of school. Keeping a determined mindset, I aspire to be an entrepreneur and an accountant. My sponsors are my supportive family and friends. Helping those in need is a strong passion of mine. Maximizing ones potential is an important factor of life, which brings about my platform “Empowering Today’s Youth.”

Aaliyah Taylor

My name is Aaliyah Taylor a twelfth grader at the highly acclaimed C.R. Walker Senior High School. I am sponsored by my family and friends and have chosen the platform: “Overcoming Teen Challenges”. I am apart of the Student Council & Sergeant of Arms in the Business Club. I am eco-friendly and actively work to preserve the islands of The Bahamas. Desmond Tutu once said ” Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” I am doing just that!

Nekera Turnquest

Nekera Turnquest is my name and my career goal is Pediatric Surgery. “Surpassing The Status Quo” is the motto of Scholars’ Preparatory School, the school at which I attend. This has become my mantra and is why I chose the platform “Curbing Gun Violence In Youth”. We have lost a plethora of our youth directly and indirectly to gun violence and I will be a catalyst for a change. Kurt Cobain once said “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption” and I will do exactly that. I would like to say thank you to my sponsor Ms. Michele Albury from Platinum Pineapple Real Estate.”

Eurena Williams

“Behind me is infinite power.
Before me is endless possibility.
Around me is boundless opportunity .
A student of the esteemed C.v.bethel Senior High School, my name is Eurena Williams. Through upholding a high G.P.A and being the top student of my Electives Classes, I have been awarded the opportunity to attend the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute to begin my studies toward my goal of becoming an Architectural Drafter. My platform is Urban Development.”


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