Licensed in 2011, Miss Teen Bahamas Scholar is an academically centered and community service based pageant. Although not a “beauty pageant”, in the commonly used sense of the word, our “beauty” emphasis is strongly placed on our young ladies academic achievements and the further development of their community service platform.

Our Motto: “Making a Difference, One queen at a Time”, means; to us, that all young ladies who have been welcomed in our programme should be aware that she has a crown and it is therefore incumbent on her to distinguish herself as a leader. Hence, the Miss Teen Bahamas Scholar Enrichment Programme comprises principally sessions on various topics such as:  Communication & Public Speaking, Film Production, Modeling Training, Make-up Application, Health & Fitness, Self-Defense and Financial Management.

Our programme is designed to prepare not only the contestants but, all of our MTBS alumni to represent not only herself, but, her place of work or institution and her country locally, nationally and internationally. Thus, we believe it is important to exercise a spirit of excellence, a respect for oneself, enhancement of education, a love for community service, a willingness to serve country and a desire to become a daughter of the kingdom.


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