Each year we mix it up with our judges and at times we have repeat judges because they have done such a fabulous job. Our panel of judges is usually selected and recommended based on their community service contribution, their interest in education, academic roles and or someone from pop culture so that all of our young ladies have a fighting chance at the MTBS title.

Judges Interview 40 points

Everything in the judge’s interview is solely based on the contestants’ platform as well as things she should know about herself and general opinion of things that she should know about her environment. In particular, things that is relevant to today’s youth.

Fashion Couture 20 points

This is truly the other side of you. We call it your alter-ego. Come as a fashonista and or trend-setter. The young ladies really take this competition to task, as they are required to find a character from television, a favourite book or something that

MTBS brings New York, Paris and all the great fashion houses of the world on our little island. It is exciting to watch local designers and seamstress assist, and at times, sponsor what they consider to be the fashion garment to beat and the fashion show of the season.

Evening Gown 20 points

The rule here is simple: No low cut backs that reach the hip line, nothing that is too revealing up top and lastly No mid-drift or bare stomach in evening wear.Having said that, the gowns each year are fabulous! They look as though they were brought straight off the red carpet at a Hollywood Premier. We have to say that, whether store bought or customized made, it is near impossible to judge this category from the array of beautiful gowns.

Fitness 20 points

Public Service Announcement (PSA) film 

The film workshop is one of our most interesting, creative and intense workshops throughout the MTBS Programme. Our film director teaches the young ladies all about different techniques of filming, how to write their script and how to visually further develop their campaign for their platform so that it becomes a winner!

“Making a Difference, One queen at a Time”


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