Ariannah Wells-Bain

-Miss Teen Bahamas 2016

“Yes most crowns are made of rhinestones and Swarovski crystals but this crown is built from the spine of inner strength dedication and intelligence. That is the true definition of the Miss Teen Bahamas Scholarship Pageant crown”


Kaneshia Davis 2015

-2015 Miss Teen Bahamas

“My Miss Teen Bahamas experience meant rising above the expected, staying true to who I am and establishing friendships that turned into family bonds.”



-Miss Teen Bahamas

“Well it was definitely a learning experience from start to finish. The fact that everyone involved on the executive team made the experience intimate and did their best to make every girl see something distinct and beautiful in themselves was definitely something incomparable to any other pageant experience. I always brag about the fact that it was never really a pageant and that’s what gets the conversation going. I’ll always speak highly about the program.”



-2016 Miss Teen Bahamas

“For me a crown and a sash was just accessories. The MTBS experience gave me a goal setting “can do” attitude.”


Frankia Wright

-2016 Miss Teen Bahamas

“It was an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone. It made me more confident, social and more comfortable with expressing myself.”


Tessa-Ann Smith

-2016 Miss Teen Bahamas

“The Miss Teen Bahamas experience for me was one that undoubtedly positively affected my life. It gave me the opportunity to get to know and build relationships with an amazing group of girls and it developed me a lot as a person. The experience improved my communication skills and taught me essential information that helped not only me but all the girls to become the fine young ladies we are.”

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-Pageant Mom

“Yes, I can roll hair, spray glitter, tote jewellery, heels and gowns all at the same time. Never underestimate the powers of a pageant mom.”


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