President's Message - Mr. Anthony Smith

One of my pageant daughters calls me “Mordecai”. I am not sure whether I deserve that or can live up to it, but every day I try, I thank her for her view of me in that way.

I am happy to be a part of the change of the landscape of pageantry in The Bahamas, and all around the world.

Personally, it means that God has provided me with an opportunity to groom young Bahamian women into Esther from the Old Testament. It means I am a part of producing  quality females who will become state leaders, doctors, caretakers, wonderful wives, incredible teachers, counselors and phenomenal mothers and virtuous women.

I always state to my pageant daughters that if there is nothing else they accomplish, please let their soul prosper, and if they desire to do anything, ensure that ultimately the pursuit is so that the Almighty God gets the glory. Because behind the shimmering dresses, the make-up and tiara and great screams and shouts from fans and love ones, the opportunity to step out in public and state their Cause means an opportunity for them to develop and find their own voice. To become an agent of change and a young lady in transition of her divine destiny.

The bad wrap that pageantry has received over decades about the winner being pre-selected or favouritism comes with the territory. Maybe some of it is true and I trust and hope for the most part it isn’t. I can say unequivocally say that MTBS runs a legit system.

In this business of women, our goal as president, national directors, investors and trainers is to ensure that each young lady receives the kind of impact so that at the end of the day winning doesn’t matter, but becomes the bonus of being a part of something that’s designed to transform the whole young woman.

I pray and hope for better pageantry, more prizes and more opportunities. I pray that schools, colleges, parents and love ones grasp that  when Esther was groomed for twelve months, there were many other women vying for the title as well. But she had an entire race, a family and a supernatural force behind her. More help is always needed. And while some shun pageantry, I am amazed at lesser virtuous things that are being encourage for young ladies to participate in.

Let’s move towards making a difference, one Bahamian young woman at a time….

God Bless


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